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New developments of NBP

Matjaz Vidmar, S53MV


The NBP is an ongoing project. Here are the latest developments and the latest firmware, not described in articles yet:

PSK transmitter test source: prn31.zipzip

New firmware
2013: added new command "V" to see all (x)ATNC parameters and settings, added new remote commands "////!" (whole table "A") and "////*" (equivalent of "V")
2016: improved internal timing, added (remote) TX disable inside command K (@) 0,1,2,3

Latest AATNC firmware (ATNC with LPC2368/78/87/88 chip with more RAM): a8.zipzip

Latest ATNC firmware: h97.zipzip   h100.zipzip

Latest EATNC firmware: e60.zipzip   e66.zipzip

Latest MATNC firmware: m31.zipzip   m33.zipzip

RATNC for 10Mbps, NBPv2: Ratnc.zipzip

Latest RATNC firmware: r17.zipzip   r19.zipzip

RATNC article (SLO): OpisRATNC.pdfpdf

RATNC design files: FwRATNC.zipzip

10Mbps low-power ZIF-BPSK: Psk447.zipzip

ZIFX article (SLO): OpisZIFX.pdfpdf

ZIFX design files: FwZIFX.zipzip

Data transverter for 3405MHz: Trv9.zipzip

Trv9 article (SLO): OpisTrv9.pdfpdf

Trv9 design files: FwTrv9.zipzip

SATNC: 10Mbps NBPv2 & Ethernet: Satnc.zipzip

Latest SATNC firmware: s21.zipzip   s24.zipzip

SATNC article (SLO): OpisSATNC.pdfpdf

SATNC design files: FwSATNC.zipzip

ZIFX23: Zero-IF 10Mbps BPSK RTX for 1245MHz, TX=2.5W, RX=-91dBm: zifx23.zipzip

March 2019: extended commands NBP-3-2019.zipzip
Extended command H (remote "////+") shows heard nodes with statistics (except MATNC)
Command J changed syntax!
Extended command K (remote "////-" replaces "////@") shows additional telemetry, repeat ON/OFF like X or Z
Extended command Y (MATNC only) allows setting RX high-pass filter (valid values 0..8)
Improved RX frame check (RATNC & SATNC NBPv2 only)
Extended node skip command (all versions)

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